While you never hope for the sad ending of a marriage, sometimes it is much better to have some love
insurance… If you hire one of our lawyers, your pre-nuptial agreement may well save you a happy marriage!


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We Work with Work Injuries!



Did you know that If you or a loved one is harmed while on the job you may be entitled to:

– Weekly benefits while you are temporarily totally disabled and unable to work;

– Payment of your medical expenses; and Weekly payments or a lump sum payment for partial or total

disability resulting from a work related injury.


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Best Personal Injury LawPress!


Thousands of people are injured each year due to someone else’s negligence and a personal injury lawyer can help determine your
rights. Every injury suffered can be a traumatizing experience for all involved.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of a personal injury, it is vital to receive the help of legal professionals experienced in Getting the Compensation You Deserve!

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Financial Assistance Other Than Child Support

In Pennsylvania, while there may be cash benefits or welfare assistance available from the government for the care of children, parents are also obliged to pay support for the care and maintenance of their children (alimony). The obligation of one
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NPO Plans Major Study Of Child Support System

The National Parens Organization recently stated that a large child support research project it is undertaking over the next year will make a big difference for our modern alimony system…  According to the NPO blog, the project will be “the
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Immediately after facing a tough workplace discrimination at my former job I knew that I had no other option but move the charges forward! For me, that meant a tough and long investigation, but I knew that a right lawyer will help me win the case! Ultimately this was what happened!

— Walter Cronkate

Fighting the child custody battle in court may get a bit tough when you’re a father. Just to make sure that my child’s best interests will be front and center of the issue I went on to hire a LawPress that I’ve heard the best feedback about. Ultimately these guys ended up to be that company!

— Barry White

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Our lawyers will help you settle any divorce, alimony, child custody cases, making sure that your best interests are protected in court! Luckily, we’ve got a long track record of winning such cases!

Sexual Harassment Law

Sexual harassment is basically a form of gender-based discrimination which no employee deserves to suffer from, be discriminated against or mistreated at work.

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